Oven-Baked Pretzels (6-Part Tutorial Series)

I love hot, oven-baked pretzels. I haven’t had one in a good long while, though. So, I thought I would create some 3D pretzels in Blender!

This video tutorial series will take a look at how you can create 3D pretzels in Blender. We’ll start from a collection of reference images and go, step-by-step, all the way through to the final render and post-production.

Over 3 Hours of Instruction!

http://www.blendernewbies.com/tutorials/swf/pretzels/part1/thumb.jpg http://www.blendernewbies.com/tutorials/swf/pretzels/part6/pretzel_final_preview.jpghttp://www.blendernewbies.com/tutorials/swf/pretzels/part2/thumb.jpg

For more experienced users there’s a PDF file of the outline used in the creation of the tutorial. It provides a good overview of the entire process.

You can check it all out HERE.