Over 100 views and no replies??

This is the Blender community, and my animation is a massive blender project…
Is there a reason that no one is responding?? Not only is it made in Blender, but it’s also Star Wars. That’s supposed to be a double win. Is there not a group or thread on the community website that helps other artists to promote their work and provide feedback?? The blender community is supposed to be a group that supports each other and I’m a fellow blender head who’s been using it ever since the beginning.

Respond to what. I just happened in here and have no idea what this is referenced to, guy. Maybe a link would help.


This happens a lot. Quite a few of my posts have 300 views but no one gives feedback even when I ask for it. It seems that if it’s something that someone professional has done then it will get tons of replies but if you’re like me and not that good, a lot of your posts will go unnoticed

The quickest way to get feedback here, Is to self brag your own work. (may not end well)

But other then that If you want feedback on your work, You need to give feedback on a regular basis. Pay into the feedback pot, Build some relationships, trust and all that fun jazz. Feedback to an unknown person is a risky thing and many people will just say it is not worth the risk.

Brought a big smile to my face this did.

Hi Chickenator

I have replied in one or two of your posts, what I have noticed is that you jump around a lot and start and finish a whole bunch of very small projects, some you do not even finish, this I believe will get people to thinking that they may be wasting their time trying to assist when the project just fizzles out.

My advice for what it is worth is to get stuck into a project, does not have to take you three months, can be a bit of a smaller one, post in WIP or FC and then work on the thing, take peoples advice, post new screenshots and comments of what you are doing and finish it and post it in FP.

PS: I do not think that it has anything to do with anyone being a professional or not.


The trailer is pretty good, but it doesn’t answer why we should be excited about it… only that it took a long time, and that it’s Starwars.
You sell your stuff to people, whether it’s animations or products by telling people why.

Why? : ???
How? : Made in Blender
What? : Some animation that took forever to render about Starwars.

There are a lot of reasons why no one responds to a post, but the main one is that the people looking at the post don’t know or care enough about the subject of the post to comment. All you mention in the title of your post “Seeking critique as well as community promotional help for massive Blender project” is that it is a massive Blender project. If you are looking for animation critique, you’d be better served to mention ‘animation’ in the thread title, which will get you some animator eyeballs.

Everything posted here is made in Blender, so that’s really no big deal. Star Wars is a ‘win’ only for Star Wars fans, and you cannot assume that because YOU are a Star Wars fan and use Blender, that means everyone who uses Blender is a Star Wars fan.

I notice you have given this two question marks. Did you also notice there are two separate questions? Is there not a group or thread on the community website that helps other artists to promote their work? Is there not a group or thread on the community website that provide[s] feedback?

Lets take the second question first: yes, the support forums and most of the art forums are there to provide feedback to artists about their work. If you take the time to read other posts, you’ll notice a lot of this going on. Of course, to get feedback, it helps to ask questions or provide some indication of what you want feedback on, your original post is pretty generic in that regard. I didn’t get the feeling from reading it that you were particularly interested in actual feedback, but were more interested in the promotion of your work. So let’s move to the first question: the answer is NO. You might be able to build up a fan base for your work on Blender Artists, but the site is designed to promote Blender, not particular projects. One of the ways Blender is promoted is by giving Blender Artists feedback to improve their work, so that the public face of Blender (finished work) is the best it can be, and the other way Blender is promoted is by providing technical and artistic support to people using Blender.

The Blender community is a group that supports each other, but with an average of one post per month since you’ve joined, you can hardly claim an active membership in that community. Besides, the support we give each other relates to improving the quality of the work or the facility with which we use Blender, not promotional help in the larger cybersphere.

If you want your trailer to get a high view count, lots of likes and subscribers, then I suggest you head over to whatever forums YouTube provides for promoting videos, and get some advice there. We are BlenderArtists, and are just as naive and unsophisticated regarding turning our work into viral videos as the next guy.

If you want people here to go running all over the web saying ‘golly gee whiz you have to take a look at this!!!1!!’ then produce something worth saying that about. Your trailer is not that piece of work. Sorry.

You are right about the risk, joe. I can’t recall how many times I’ve offered unsolicited advice about a piece of work only to have the original poster jump down my throat. The point, though, is that the advice was unsolicited. I saw something in WIP or Finished Projects with some glaring error (imho) so I pointed it out. I try not to make that mistake so often anymore.

It’s different, though, when the artist is looking for feedback. I assume anything in Focused Critique qualifies, and WIP qualifies if the artist asks for something specific. “What do you think” is not looking for feedback, really. That’s more of a ‘tell me how much you like this,’ fishing for kudos and applause. Dropping some critique into one of those threads is just asking for it…

But if the artist says what is bothering them about the image, and seems sincere in asking for critique, there’s not too much risk offering it, whether the artist is well known or brand new.