Over riding sensors?

I have an object that has states, Left and right moving states I added some more empties on either side of my object and those empties have radar sensors If a radar sensor is triggered the object will move fast toward the object that triggered it. only problem is that everything works great but those radar sensors They don’t seem to be able to overide the normal walking states. So if my object is moving in one direction and a radar sensor on the opposite side is triggered My object should stop and move in the opposite direction. Nothing happens. I tried adding a radar sensor in each state and that did not work. Not sure if i explained it well.


You already said that you’re using states, but perhaps you should switch to a state where just the radar moves. Or, you could use a property - set the property ‘walk’, for example, to 0 when you’re moving by radars, and if the property is 0, then walking isn’t possible (use an And or Expression controller).

You can connect an sensor to any controller at any state.

If a sensor is not connected to a controller in an active state the sensor is not evaluated.

That means:

  • If you want your object reacting on a radar sensor, you need to connect to this sensor at every state you want to get an reaction.


You want to react on radar in state 1,2,3,4 but not 5 and 6:
Connect the radar sensor

  • to a controller of state 1,
  • to a controller of state 2,
  • to a controller of state 3,
  • to a controller of state 4.
    Do not connect to a controller of state 5 or 6.

If you do not see the sensor when you switched to a state toggle the “state” button over the sensors to see them all.
I hope it helps