Over the Curve...Now What?

Hey yall,
I’m at the point where I have some serious experience in the general digital design realm. Got the stock photography thing spinning like a top, time to continue learning and building, etc.
I’ve specialized in vector, but little by little I’ve been building my 3d abilities. I’m finding that my final interests are probobly going to stay here: For the simple fact that 3d opens so many more possibilities – technical, artistic, etc – than any other method, traditional or digital.
So, while I nowhere near as experienced as the people on this site, I do have enough understanding at least to be able to add to my skill without too much problem. I can also carry out moderately complex 3d assignments (static scenes) without a problem.
I’m at that decisive point: There is life outside of stock microstocking! And I want to know where to chart my course! What are people doing in 3d these days? Blender is becoming a standard I’ve noticed, whereas when I first starting dabbling in it a few years ago, it wasn’t as well known.
How are you guys making a living in it? I understand it can be anything: Simple or complex, animation or stills, games or architecture.
Any advice? Career paths? Whats a self-motivated blender user to do in this market? Needless to say, microstocking is not my only interest for a living.

Here’s some stuff I’ve done:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2124543485/
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2116315850/

join one of the open film projects, a independent game dev teem or something. beeing told what to do and having deadlines rilly healps to improve your scills. at least that’s what im finding

Really? At my level of skill? Don’t I have to be a genius who doesn’t mind a steady diet of coffee and cheetos to do that?
:smiley: Joke
But really, whats that entail?


nice robot by the way :slight_smile:

this project for example


they are tacking volunteers of any ability

Lovely prize for a 3d artists too I see, they could keep the vacation and the gift cards for all I care. but what I wouldn’t do for even one of those cards lol…I’d actually prefer the 5600…but who wouldn’t? lol

Cool competition!

I’ll check out that link when the site is up and running (shows it down for the time being).

Thanks, he was a simple creation.