Over the mountain

Hi, This is my job. I wanted to imitate a scene in Switzerland where I tested several techniques and programs The aim of this work is to participate in the contest Evermotion entitled:The Gateway

I dig it. Cool mix of lighting and contrast

Thank you :slight_smile:

Great work! Looks like a painting!

:slight_smile: Thanks you

shot screen

shot screen

From project

Nice composition. I feel the lighting doesn’t support the focal point enough as the background is somewhat brighter than the foreground with people in it. Also the colors are alittle confusing. The background is highlighted with orange but the foreground has a dominant blue tone. Perhaps you can give the image a melancholy or peaceful mood by washing the entire image in night blue while leaving the orange window light (Which I love as a contrast element to guide eye). Maybe even darken the background more so you eyes go to the people. You created a sense of scale well and the modeling and texturing is well done. The point is you can establish a mood to this image a bit better imo. Sorry for the long critique but I hope it helps and that you understand where I’m coming from. Good work!

Thank you for Geat idea