Over the rainbow, on an island far far away... lol

yep… i was just listening to that hawwian version of over the rainbow by Iz and it inspired me! so here ya go. i just havent finished the tree yet.

C&C appreciated

does anybody have any idea on how to make pine tree leaves? id appreciate it. thanks!

Static Particles. The one you use for hair, grass, and fur.

thanks XD ill try it out

I would suggest you model them… I tried to do it with particles but you won’t get the desired effect…

Try to improve the sun in the back by using a halo Spotlight pointing a the cam.

oky doke thanks

Really nice. Although, it looks a little tacky for some reason. Maybe make it a little more detailed - textures etc. And the try experimenting with some other skies.

thanks ya its wierd how i see what you mean by “tacky” haha thanks ill work on it