over the shoulder camera like resident evil 4?

how do u make a camera over the shoulder like in resident evil 4??
i want 2 make a small zombie shooter like this but i dont know very much about blender or its game engine.i plan 2 start very simple until i learn more

any tutorials on this???

I made a quick template for you use it as you like
I suggest you look at the logicbricks to see how I made the movement for the collision Cylinder(for the character)
and as for the camera I placed the camera behind the collision Cylinder and then first selected the camera then also selected the collision Cylinder and pressed Ctrl-P which parents all object to latest selected object

Hope this helps


BasicRE4Template.blend (344 KB)

everytime i click your link it says i need 2 register


Hmm weird I can download it
anyways try this instead

Stormy Cloud just do what Jorgie did in his example and parent the camera in an over the shoulder view of a character.

I just found this.
Scroll down and you’ll see a part called TPS templates. There are links to some good third person shooter camera setups.
Hope it helps.

thankyou very much everyone! especially jorgie! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: