Over worked, under paid.

Hi all

just a note to say you wont be seing much of me around these parts for a while. school term has started again, and im taking all the hardest subjects <art design, graphics, english, physics, calculus>. i have so much work to do, i pretty much have no time for blending. especially with art design, im pretty much all art’d out. will be back on here for the hols though.

dont stop the rock, or the blend.


good luck in your courses, we’ll be waiting for you. :smiley:

Physics and Calculus. I can hardly wait until I have to do those… %|

calculus is fun, not hard. 8)


Woot! Yeah, I almost got a math minor. Only thing is, physics is even funner!!! :smiley: But I think everyone knows from my last sentence, I hated English courses. :<



have a good term back in the thick of it. I remember when I took those courses back in the day…

Catch you soon mate,


calc? fun? feh.

Now Organic Chem, THAT’s fun!


organic chem… microbio shudder


Yeah, I like calculus, too.

(Just kidding! :slight_smile: )

I’m in seventh grade and in Algebra, give me a break!!

(Next year I’ll be two years ahead in math.)

I’m good at math, but I HATE IT!! :< :< :<

Oh, no!!! I just gave away part of my identity!! And my mouse is already at the top of my mouse pad; I can’t move it up anymore to reach the “edit” button!! OH NO!!!
Maybe I could move the desk over…

(mouse pad joke from “Dilbert” by what’s-his-name.)

calc— i did and got 54% (ha ha ha i was a year ahead and bombeed out coz i got lazy, but hey i should have tried harder and gotten about 90%)

physics—i got 74% with an average effort

english— na i did it in 6th form and got a 2 but never did it in seventh

graphics—80% average internal assesment, final mark 49% because my exam i got 39% wheni did it exactly to the NZQA marking shecdual (WTF went on there)

art design— na i didn’t do it, but after starting design school i have realised that an entire portfolio could be done in a week or so. goes for painting and photography as well.

i am at Design school now and we just get straight into it. everything is done so fast. an A1 piece of paper is turned into a completed painting in 1-2 hours. thats a painting portfolio done in 1 day. if you wanted it to be way better you could do it in a week and blow them away still.

college was nothing compared to this. p.s. it also wasn’t as fun.

anyway have fun!!

P.s is it NCEA or NZQA this year