Overcoming texture max size with displacement modifier? Solved!

I’m using one texture per displacement modifier to create a close-in detailed terrain. I can get nice hi-rez features but I need to add some large swells and shifts in the overall terrain and the only way to scale the textures is within the texture itself, which seems to max at 2.0 for some reason. (I’m using procedurals only so no third-app options either)
I need to scale out to 10 or more. Oddly, texture nodes have no scaling math, only rotate or translate. And why do the patterns in the texture nodes only have a subset of the inputs?
Any ideas? I could resize my entire scene down since there is no practical limit on scaling DOWN my textures, but that sounds like a real headache.
new note: discovered that I can use an empty as a reference in the displacement modifier and have full freedom to scale and rotate my texture. yay!