Overexposed material previews

A week ago I started re-imagining in 2.49b a scene I started in RayDream Studio many years ago.

I got everything modeled, lit, and spent all day today doing my first IPO animations. Sometime though, something happened to cause two things:

1: All material previews are overexposed. Iron looks like snow, fire (halo, for particles) looks like white mist, etc. No changes to the world material, which has no ambient light at all.

2: All the lights got very bright, yet their energy and distance values reduced dramatically.

Blender has crashed twice since, both soon after single frame renders.

I’ve opened another .blend, and the materials in it look like I left them, so this isn’t an issue with my drivers/card/monitor/etc.

So I’m left with the theory that the file has become corrupted. I still have several XXXX.blend versions of the file in /tmp, so I can cobble together most of it into a new file. Which parts are safe to append into a fresh file?

If the file isn’t corrupt, how do I restore the mats?

Does the materials look like this in the 3d view or in the render? If in the 3d view, select Game -> GLSL materials in the top header. Otherwise, I have no idea. Maybe post a .blend?

They look like they should in the 3D view in solid mode, but in shaded and textured modes, as well as in renders and the material preview panel, they look overexposed.

Enabling GLSL materials didn’t change anything.

I’ve attached a screenshot of my Materials panel showing the flame material I’m using. It should look like the orange/yellow array of halo dots you would expect, but instead there is a white haze in its place.


Here’s the blend file: http://www.xaraya.com/~dracos/temple.blend

Try this: Shading panel -> World buttons and in the world panel, there are two values at the bottom (exp. and range). Set range back to 1.00, instead of 0.20. I don’t know exactly how it manages the lightning, but I think it would solve the problem.