overexposed snapshot (SUNGLASSES!) _speedrender

been what? 4 months since my last pic? Been to busy…
anyhoo, was bored. (Actually, tired of studying, and had five minutes before I needed to be in bed.

so, I opened blender.
ploped in an old background that I’d done, ship, lighting, etc.

in other words. a 5 minute speed render. So don’t expect to much.
then applied a random filter to it. Due to my non-posting for several months, I thought I’d do so. Even with a cruddy pic. It’s final. I never saved anything aside from the jpg. So, voila. enjoy. and yea, sunglasses needed.


Sweet A2597, wouldn’t expect anything less from you just too grainy IMO(even if it is meant to be over exposed) But good job anyways!

BTW which starship is that (justcurious)

thats Kenny_Z’a NX-01, did the conversion shortly after he released it.

you can snag the conversion at millennium cgi: http://www.m-cgi.com/

(Downloads, Enterprise NX-01 , scroll down and theres the conversion for blender. :slight_smile: It’s up to snuff with the lightwave/Max conversion with the exception of the nacell glow, which well…while I’ve been BEGGING the dev guys for it, we apparently will not ever really get. Sigh )

really cool looking, a bit grainy for me aswell, but stylish. very good looking. i fell like it needs another ship? but i think it may get to crowded. 10/10!

That’s an obvious Photoshop flare. There’s nothing that looks tackier than those Photoshop flare filters. So bloody obvious.

The rest is beatiful.

Photoshop flares look ~ 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% better then the best blender flare. so I use them instead.

Show us two examples




IMHO, Blender needs MUCH better flares. that blender flare probably took me three hours of tweeking. That photoshop one took all of two seconds.

Yes but the blender one looks better


I thought the blender one looked absolutly horrid. :smiley:

Wow. I’ve never seen such a nice Blender flare. But, you’re right-- the Photoshop one looks better. The flare in the original image is so subtle! I don’t think it’s tacky. The reason the Photoshop flare is tacky is because of its over-use… but I doubt many people wouldn’t even NOTICE the flare, much less assert (with some confidence) that it was generated with the Photoshop filter.

I like the image overall. I like the compostion and the need for sunglasses. :wink: The shape of the planets didn’t really bother me at first… but now I think it’s starting to. :slight_smile:

The clouds of stars look too bright as well… But for a 5-minute scene- really well done.


imo the blender flare looks more realistic-- the photoshop’d one is too sharply defined.