Since you blenderfans get excited over everything (including me)
I found something out :wink: kinda… maybe old news but meh
I spoke to some guys in irc… friendly dudes …
ill just post the log

man… that copy paste didnt work out at all…


Wow, that looks epic. Kick-boxing bunnies <3 <3 <3.

Really neat that they use Blender, huh?

Am I missing something here? Cuz I have no idea who jeff is lol.

Overgrowth is like this big commercial indie game project… and jeff is one of the poeple that work for them

Fanboy warning, the following is a biased opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Overgrowth is a game being made by a small indie team. Jeff is one of the ~5 people working on it. The game is not open-source, but they are pretty open about the development process. They posted daily on their blog for more than a year, mostly about game development. They’re also very open about modding, and all game-creation tools will be available with the finished game, and with the alpha versions the preorderers have been able to test weekly. The developers are also often on their IRC channel, and as shown above, they’re willing to talk with fans and strangers.

At first, they were going to do an in-game animation editor, and in fact they already had the basic funtionality in. However, as this blog post says, “While working on some combat animations, I decided that the current Phoenix animation editor is too hard to use, and there are too many bottlenecks in the route to making it better. So, for now, I am looking into alternative approaches to editing animations.”.

They’ve also worked in BVH motion capture support and are going to use a mix of procedural animation system with keyframe animation.

Now, why should the Blender guys care about yet another small company using Blender? Well, for one thing, Overgrowth is going be a sequel to a really FUN game called Lugaru. Overgrowth will also be available on Mac, Linux and Windows, and emphasize modding. Blender support in a fun, moddable, multi-platform game? If it sells well, this could spread Blender far among game modders.
Is there any reason to think they’ll sell well? They orgainzed the Humble Indie Bundle. That’s 140 000 “sales”, $1.2 million income with $390k going to charity. They weren’t the only developers taking part or getting a share of the money, but they organized it, and they managed it pretty damn well. Even before that, they’ve been able to fund the development of their game for long time without any publishers - there have been weekly alphas for 100 consecutive weeks now, almost two years.

i think overgrowth is not as dissatisfied as being described.

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