(blengine) #1

iiiiii completely redid
mysite… i think its my best yet, and this one actually has some design now =)i made some new art and some banners to throw aroundeverywhere… a cool new menu, and such and such…


please let me know what u think!

and also checkout this new stuff!!



(S68) #2

Cool image :wink:


(Alltaken) #3

that is a really good siteit has

heaps of good content and is layed out well.

nooooooooo not again!!!
i need my blood so i can donate it to the blood bank in 3 weeks.

(BgDM) #4

Well, now I know where you have been for the last month!

Nice site update. Very clean and well layed out.

Now, that mech turtle would have been a very serious contender in that contest. That is one great render.


(Zweistein) #5

really cool

(slikdigit) #6

Fantastic works
Really good lighting+texturing.
Love your turtle mech, the trophies, heck everything.
You get the dung!

(blengine) #7

Well, now I know where you have been for the last month!

hehe month? this only took me 3 days =)

thanks for the comments all =D

alltaken, im sorry but i had to, its how i stay alive =F

(stephen2002) #8

looks nice. you use the same menu I use on my page :smiley:

(blengine) #9

dynamic drive rocks =) i found that menu by accident, a good find

(theeth) #10

I just love the turtle mech. You really should have entered it anyway.


(0ptikz) #11


You linked me, how Nice. Im planning an overhaul of my crappy site and yer update has inspired me to get mah ass in gear. I’ll E-mail you the new URL as soon as poss.

The site design is sweet, just like pretty much everything else you do, and Ah love the fact that you included all yer old “Masta” pics (Remember the Flames Masta caused in the old Blender.nl forums? I miss those days)

One crit tho’, You got rid of that picture on the front page, you know the one that had all the fake quotes like “This guy is the equivalent of raw Sewerage” – Washington Post. Cracked me up bigtime and I think you should have it back on.

Apart from that, your work is inspired and original. (As usual you Bastard!)

(blengine) #12

hahah… [email protected], you always know the right things to say =) u sure know how to treat the ladies, errr, men, err, hmmm, freind =D

honestly i liked the quotes too and was considering putting them back =D now with a “second” to the vote, ill do it 8)

ill be looking for your update mail :smiley:

(Andy Goralczyk) #13

really nice gramps… but:

[the rumors were true… bummer]