Overlaping movement not posible

Hello guys,

I just started using blender and im still getting used to the controls after using 3DSMax 2014 trial version.

I already set the input settings to 3DSMax, but one thing i still miss is, whenever i move around holding the move button, i cant just hit the button to switch into rotating without having to release the movement key. this makes movement very clunky, so i was wondering ive there is any option that could enable me to move like in 3DSMax, just switching by pressing and releasing the rotation key.

thanks in afvance for any help.

You will be better off using Blender as it is rather than trying to pigeon-hole it into some other 3D software workflow. This is the biggest mistake that beginners make. Make it work like Max…make it work like Maya…how come Blender isn’t like C4D

To move the viewport just middle click and drag, what could be easier, no additional option keys are needed? Sometimes just watching a few training videos on the basic interface can really help get over the initial learning curve when switching from one app to another.

Thanks for the reply, i just noticed that blenders keybindings where easier so im using those now. id say that solves my question