Overlapping faces?

Is there reliable way in Blender to find and fix overlapping faces like in this picture?

Something like STLcheck modifier in 3ds max that could find and select all edges of overllapping things so you could put another edit poly modifier over it and delete it all at once in a single click.

I tried 3dprint addon and it kind of selects “non manifold” edges but since my objects are often non-manifold by design, like having no bottom for example, the addon just deletes them in half .

You can try:
Edit Mode > Select all > Face > Intersect(boolean)
expand panel lower left, Select Union, and check ‘self’.
Then select all, ‘X’ Limited Dissolve

Or try this Addon maybe could be helpful in cleaning geometry like yours

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Thanks guys, that addon somehow helps but doesn’t work for actual mesh I had to recreate from a game rip because I lost the original one. Boolean intersect doesn’t do any difference either. Not sure probably 3dmax wouldn’t cope with that rat nest of polys too :frowning:

In this case only by hands with selecting overlapping verts and step by step fixing geometry…
Still working

Try, in edge mode, the Select -> Select all by Trait -> Non-Manifold, and check the options. Deselect what you definitely want to keep. Hide the remaining good geometry (i.e. Mesh -> Show/Hide -> Hide Unselected), and take it from there - what to delete, what to dissolve, what to keep. Repeat to satisfaction.

There is a simple, manual way of removing extra faces for cases like that you show. Just turn on dots on faces, then with nothing selected, select the extra faces by clicking on the dot in their center, then deleting them. To turn on dots on faces, check the Center box on the overlays panel (see attached image 1). You can change the size of the dots, if you wish, by going to Edit/Preferences/Themes/3D Viewport, then scrolling down to near the bottom (see attached image 2). Once you have dots on, you will see a dot in the center of an extra face. If you look closely at attached image 3, you will see that there is a dot in the center of the extra face. With nothing selected, select the extra face by clicking on its center dot, then delete it (see attached image 4).


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Thanks guys for awesome advises.