Overlapping Grease Pencil materials glitch - how to fix?

Hi, I wonder how do I fix this (yes, this is from Grease Pencil tutorial, using Array modifier):

Just look at shadows - they are not solid. The conflict is probably because I made “Stroke Depth Order” by 3D location. But the problem is that if I make it 2D layers, this happens:
So, how do I make shadows solid and each portrait on a separate layer?

I’m not a hundred percent certain what the isssue is but if it is what I think it is this tutorial i made might help nudge you in the right direction let me know if it helped …

Sorry for not replying earlier. I eventually went without solving this.

But my question was about how Grease Pencil layers interact with object modifiers (Array modifier, specifically, as it makes copies, which apparently are treated as one object). Your video doesn’t address that. :frowning:

sorry i have not used the array modifier with greasepencil