Overlapping keys that shouldn't be.

Has anyone run into this problem.

This seems to be occurring after using the clone opposite buffer option for the curve editor; I wind up with random double keys in my curves.

They are all on integer frames so this shouldn’t occur.

Any ideas???


For some reason, Blender supports frames between frames, I don’t know why? So you are not always guaranteed to have a keyframe on an actual frame. You maybe experiencing this. Try selecting the point on the curve, then press the N-Key to bring up the numeric input for that key. You may notice a mantissa on the keyframe value. Adjust it as needed.

Good to know, and perplexing too.
I will have to look out for this in the future.

Thanks for the idea!

The animation in question --> Vimeo or you tube


Occasionally we still unfortunately get some numerical issues like this causing problems (i.e. the keyframes look like they are on the same frame but are really still much further apart than the thresholds used are). In 2.5, snapping keyframes to lie on frames is the new default, though there may still be some issues possible in some (hopefully) rare cases.


I have no complaints, the entire community works hard on this software. A few minor things like this are a bit of a pest, but nothing a bit of curve tweaking can’t fix :slight_smile:

Hurray for 2.5!!!