overlapping meshes

Hello everyone,

how do insert extra insert extra vertices by overlapping meshes? For example, I I want 4 vertices by the following image, marked with red crosses:


Thanks in advance!

ctrl-R, loop cut tool

Thanks but the loop-cut tool is not useful here! I need something which it recognize on which point the first mesh is touching the second mesh… argh it’s hard to explain!

Try using Boolean difference.

I’ll step up to the plate

Ok select one mesh, then the other and try W > Intersect

sorry i misunderstood your question… you can use booleans as jrboddie1 suggested, or manually retopologize the mesh to account for the new addition… the snap tool can be very helpful here.
here are some examples:


Thanks guys I came a step further! Of course using boolean union I’m getting those 2 meshes together, but now I’m seeing those edges


I believe there’s no solution to get them rid off?

the solution there would be to retopo the mesh like dyf suggested
i think thats the only way, ive never used boleon before, heard it makes a mess

Call me dumb, but I’d just move the inner vertices of the smaller objects manually fit on top of the bigger object, then delete the face on the bigger object and connect the two as you have them now. Yeah, it’s not very high tech, but it probably takes less time than finding the Boolean or Retopo menus.

The edges you’re seeing now are because your areas isn’t planar. Try selecting them all, pressing s, y, 0 (scale, on the y-axis, to zero) and see if that doesn’t ruin anything else.


Hah didn’t know something like retopo exist! Thanks’s a lot, you’re awesome! <3