Overlapping sound fx? Help...

Alrighty, so I’m trying to get some sound fx to be overlapping but I can’t seem to get it to work. So say you’ve got a gun and a gunshot sound effect. You want the sound to play once if the gun’s fired once and the sound should play repeatedly if the gun were a semi/fully - auto. The sound I’m using has some echo and falloff like a gunshot would, but when the 2nd shot is fired, it cuts off the sound of the first shot and just plays the sound from the beginning. How would I set it up so that the sound would overlap instead of just getting cut off when its called again?


If you’re using the internal Blender sound, then to my knowledge you can’t play more than one sound at once. Yeah I know, it sucks, Blender’s sound system needs a serious overhaul. My solution would to google pygame or pysonic, which as the name implies are modules for python (but even if you don’t know python it shouldn’t be too big of a problem) and can have multiple sound and even music tracks, as well as other tricks like fading in and out. Worth looking in to.

If you already knew all this, my apologies.

Eh, that was all new knowledge to me. I know a little python but I don’t think I know enough to tackle that just yet. I ended up finding a way around it using 2 sound actuators on different states and having it switch states when the sound is queued (The sound doesn’t need to overlap more than once, if it needed to overlap thrice I would have had to use 3 actuators and a three state loop).

Thanks for the info about pygame and pysonic though, I’ll have to look into those.


Ok, well that only kinda worked… For some reason, the first two times the sound is queued, it plays it twice. Once from the first state and once from the 2nd. If I turn off my copy state actuator it works fine, well minus the overlapping sound. With it turned on, I get perfectly overlapping sound but only after 2 times of the sound being queued (the first two have an echo from the delay between sounds).
I might just have to look into that pygame stuff. Any other ideas out there to solve this problem??