Overlapping uv confusion


I’m new to Blender so struggling; but enjoying it :slight_smile:

Basically I have a cube and I have assigned 2 different materials each with a different texture to 2 faces.
When I render it is all correct. But I wish to bake this texture so that both materials are in 1 texture. I can get this to work apart from the fact that on one of my uv maps once I have adjusted it , it overlaps the other uv map and hence when baked is wrong.
How can I place potentially 2 separate uv maps overlapping each other but when baked it’s ok. I’m obviously doing something wrong with my UV mapping; but can’t see what.

thanks in advance

Post your blend file to http://www.pasteall.org/blend/

Thanks! uploaded test.blend.
I know it’s going to be something simple!!!


I’ll rephrase my question and post again as I assume this is something simple.
What I am trying to do is choose a set of uv’s in 1 material that happen to be similar (i.e. overlapping) a set of uv’s in another material. This renders fine. But it bakes wrong because the uv’s are effectively overlapping. How can I choose a position in one texture for uv’s and a similar position in another texture (both separate materials) and have it bake correctly?. I assumed baking not only generated the new final texture but also rejigged the uv’s. What am I mis understanding? :slight_smile: