Overlapping vertice issue

I have a small question. Sometimes when I’m modelling using blender and use the keyboard shortcut B to select vertices. The vertices which are perfectly located under another one doesn’t get selected. It gets very annoying as I have to change to perspective every time I’m going to select a segment of vertices. Is there any way to make my selection cut trough all layers of vertices? Thanks in advance.

In edit mode, next to the vert/ede/face select mode buttons is the Occlude Background Geometry button. Enabling/disabling it will make your mesh “see-through” which also allows your selection to go through the faces.

If you prefer using the keyboard, you can hit ‘Z’ to view wireframe, then perform your selection.

I see, all though in one model document I got, the selection applies to all the layers even if it’s in solid mode and not in wireframe.

Be aware that the word ‘Layer’ has a specific meaning in Blender. Entire objects can exist on one or more layers, but portions of one object (vertices, edges or faces) cannot exist on one layer while other portions exist on other layers. Just FYI.

So when you say ‘Layers’ it sounds like you mean the various front-facing and rear-facing surfaces of a single object which appear stacked in the 3D view.

If I understand you correctly, you are referring to the selection of vertices in solid mode. Amade mentioned this earlier… it can be done by toggling the Occlude Background Geometry button.