overlay scene always on top?

Hey, is there an easy way to make sure that an overlay scene will always be on top?

Because when I add a new overlay scene it will overlay the other overlay scenes.

Thanks in advance!

Try using one actuator per scene and overlay a scene you want to appear on top of the current scene before finally overlaying that onto the main scene, I’ve no idea how well this setup is gonna work with more than one overlaying scenes

edit: I normally only have 3 scenes, main, hud and background, my hud scene is overlayed onto the background scene before I projected it onto the main scene as background

you can use states. they are like layers. you can activate and change them at the controllers. if you activate a second overlay, you gotta first kill the first overlay and change to state 2 (with an actuator) at state two you activate your second overlay and change to state 3. there you activate the first overlay again and change back to state 1. now your first overlay shall be at the top in on tic. but i am not sure if it works i never tried it.

Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll try it soon.