Overlay scene bug?

Hello again…
This asking for help is getting too frequent.

I have messed around in the settings (not smart) of my current project and the result is that i can’t properly add an overlay scene.

Minimal approach from the default screen works, but from my game file where i even deleted everything, including the scenes and world, it doesn’t work.

One problem is that i don’t understand how does the engine chooses the camera in the overlay scene.

It ignores the camera in the overlay scene and uses the default setting?
It behaves like when there is no camera in the scene and it uses the view from (0,0,0) to negative z axis.

I could just move my overlay scene objects and use the default view, but it, ‘bugs’, me too much…heh…

So, which crank and pulleys did I tug too much?
Or have I forgotten something fairly obvious?


overlay.blend (614 KB)

There’s probably something wrong in one of your scenes. Here’s an example that shows no problems:


Scene_overlay_example.blend (78.1 KB)

As i said, using default blend it works.
Porting everything over to new blend would be option, but maybe overkill for this.
And if it is a bug i should report it, not work around it.

And there cant be something wrong in my scenes, if i deleted all of them and made new ones with the new option.

It’s a mystery. It seems like your file is corrupted. I did the same thing. I deleted everything in both scenes and made sure by opening/saving the blend file several times. Then I recreated the setup for the two scenes, one overlaying the other showing a cube. But for some mysterious reason the camera isn’t right. So only suggestion I can make is to recreate your scenes in a clean blend. Here’s an empty scene I always use to start from. You’ll notice it only takes 74K.

Edit: Create a new scene and append ‘Camera’. The overlay scene will be appended too, probably because of the logic on ‘Camera’, referencing the overlay scene. But delete this one. Then create another new scene and append ‘Camera.001’ and ‘Cube’. Update the reference of ‘Camera’ to the new overlay scene. And it should work. (works here). Anyhow, this is probably a ‘Scene’ bug, but unless you could reproduce it, it’s no use reporting it. Maybe someone else on the forum could have a closer look at this.


EMPTY_00.blend (74.3 KB)

Finally had time to look into it.

I simply appended a scene from another blend and that ‘solved’ it magically.

It works now, but it’s bad that my blend seems to be corrupted.
It would probably be wise to move everything into a new blend…

I had a similar problem in the past with a project that I started from the default blend file. Luckily reconstructing doesn’t take so much time with appending. This was two years ago, but I never had a problem since. (But now I never start with the default scene of Blender. I use the blend here above. It’s based on an example blend that was uploaded on the BA forum years ago).

Go into the overlay scene and press the button that looks like a little plane with two chain links next to it. It’s to the right of the layers and to the left of the proportional editing and snap buttons. This button is, apparently, called the “Lock Camera and Layers” button (I guess?), and forces the scene to associate with a single active camera in the currently active layer, rather than having an active camera per layer locally (or something). While this is probably a feature that’s useful in Blender, it’s pretty much useless and only a problem (I think) in the BGE.

With this button pressed, press 0 to look through the camera you want to make the camera active again. You can tell if a camera’s active by if the triangle above the camera in the 3D view is filled in or not (though you probably know this already).

This is something I recall struggling with myself many years ago. It’s probably something everyone who uses the BGE will deal with at one point or another, haha.

P.S. Do the same for your current scene, too.

P.P.S. And don’t worry about asking things too often. The more you ask, the more you’ll know. The more you know, the less you’ll ask, and the more you’ll be able to help others who ask.

Yup, that was it!



Wow, this is great! Thanks SolarLune for keeping from wrestling myself.