overlay scene with a specific camera

hi im using blender 248.1 but i need to know how can i set a specific camera for to use in a add overlay scene the camera is attach to my player and its above my player
but i have 2 different players with the same setup and its all in 1 scene and i have multiple camera’s in that scene

so how do i set just 1 cam that is use for a addoverlay scene

its for a minimap :wink: im trying to look it on the forum but if i type in minimap then i get all threads about other thing :mad:

or any good idea’s for a minimap are welcome but i need 2 different mini maps with 2 differend camera’s because i have a green and red team so please i need some help with this one

greets dr-mad

the game is a first person so i try a script with the rasterizer but it seems that there cant be 2 rasterizers for 2 different cameras
i have 1 cam for the first person 1 above the person for the minimap but with the python use 2 rasterizer in game it gos nuts

any idea for to do this withouth a rasterizer script??

I’m pretty sure a “setCamera” actuator located in the overlay scene should work.

this dosent work i think becuase i have the cam above my player that is in scene 1 and i need a real time minimap

i try it but this dont work

and add overlay scene and set camera is 2 different optie’s

some1 got any idea i have a fps with rasterizer but i think i cant set 2 rasterizers or else i set a viewport

but then it crases :s