Overlay Scene

iam making the camera control for a RTS and when i wanted to make te menu-bar i got a problem:
i used a different scene for the menu bar an other one for the cursors, bur when i overlay the scenes into the real scene, the scene with the cursor doesnt work in the scene with the menu bar. how can i solve this? i tried already to overlay the cursor scene also in the menu scene, but this didnt work.
here is my .blend file: http://www.4shared.com/account/dir/6529226/f0198139/sharing.html?rnd=28
(the menu bar is only a grey plane atm, and the cursor only appears when you move your mouse to the edges)
i hope someone could take a look at my problem

Well, i was lazy, and all i could see, after looking in the console was that the GameLogic module has no “pjijpajk” attribute, or whatever it was. line 36, in the script that starts with the letter z… lol im lazzzzzzy