overlay scenes in 2.5

is it possible to remove an overlay scene? i’m building an inventory menu and i’m using an overlay scene that is brought up with the I key, but i need it to go back down when the I key is pressed again. currently when the inventory is brought up, a value is assigned to property of ‘inv up’ as 1, and when I is hit again (and the 1 is assigned) theoretically, it would remove the overlay scene.

i’ve been working on this for three days, so any help would be great. thanks.

edit: and i’ve done the whole ‘remove scene’ thing, but it resets the inventory scene completely, and i need it to not because it needs to save the information (items, etc)

Save the inventory in some sort of global variable like the GameLogic module or GameLogic.globalDict. Then you’ll be able to recreate the scene when you need it.

i’m not very familiar with python (more a php scriptor myself) could you give me an example of how to do this? do i put it in the text editor? like:

variable = 1;

or would that not work? and how would i call on that variable using actuators? would a property actuator work? like property - variable1- equals - 1 ------ AND ------ resume scene - inventory

also, when i do a scene overlay in 2.5 the overlay scene doesn’t show upon hitting the ‘I’ key in game. i can’t find any reason as to why.

edit: here is the blend file if it helps any. sorry that it’s messy.