Overnight Series

Hi there :slight_smile:

I work as an CG / FX artist in a society based in Montpellier, France and I like doing photorealistic stuff in my spare time.

Switching from Maya (user since 2010), I’m really impressed by Blender, and starting to fall in love with Cycles.
I really love archviz, and want to get better at it, so this is my first try in Blender.

This is the beginning of this archviz : an amazing piece of furniture, a glass sculpture heavily influenced by the incredible work of Ben Young.

Anyway, here is my first render, I’ll update my progress on my Instagram (@jaykeisback) and try to update regularly here as well.

Hope you like it !


That’s fabulously photo-realistic. Good Work, I thought by looking at it that were you to animate the glass panes moving back and forth randomly to each other it would make a cool sort of background in a game.