overview: is it hard?


im new to bender, ive seen a lot of amazing work done with it and i want to learn, i have some experience with basic 3d programs…

one thing that scares me a little is the animation, apparently its so hard that most of the people make images?

and another question i would like to get answered is that if it was possible to import “curiouslabs poser” animations into blender? this is what im mostly looking for…

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

PS: i posted this in the animation section to, i just thought it would be more appropiate here since this section gets checked more often…

thanks again

the ease of use just comes with experience. my suggestion start simple read tutorials. i will tell you now, dont expect to make beautiful images right away i ve used blender for about a year and a half and im still learning new things. as far as animations are they arent all that hard to but overall they take about 10 times the work and dedication, so most faulter, ive seen many projects start then loose steam and dissapear(ive done that a couple times myself) so the secret to making animations are huge dedication and/or a strict deadline.

Blender certainly needs more work put in to its animation system but the reason why people make images is because an animation is a completely new ballgame when it comes to detail and complexity. There are animations being made, but they are not as popular as imags because of the work required.

You would have to do a google search, failing that you may very well have to write an import script in python (which isnt that hard but it would require some work).

It is considered bad forum equette to cross post (I know I have done it as well :expressionless: ).

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you can import as dxf. Only the mesh though, and you need to remove dupicate points after importing. It can take a while to read in so be patent. It was a long time ago that I did it so it maybe different now.


Hello henrye1 and welcome to Blender! I have been using Blender for about 8 months. Animation can be a bit difficult, but there are ways of making it easier on you. First, take a look at the IPO window (press Shift + F6 while your mouse is over the 3D window). When you give an object keyframes, they show up in here as a graph, with the X axis being time and the Y axis being magnitude. They IPO window can give you a graph many things in Blender. It can really help you get your animations working right. Also, you can make a path and then make something follow the path. It can be quite a bit of work, but the results are worth it.

I am pretty new to blender, and animation in general… however, I think blender’s animation system is not all that bad. I have never tried the IK, but I did an animation pretty quick without it.

It’s just basically parent-child relationship, (hip bone connected to the leg bone, leg bone connected to the knee bone…), and rotation location, done with mouse movement. The trick is not to do something to extreme, (rotations of more than 180 degrees I would assume need to be broken up into 2 keyframes, so blender knows which direction to rotate) and I hardly understand the IPO graph, but I see that as more of an element of control.

But take this with a grain of salt, as I have done only one animation.

(Giant death robot walking)