Overwatch Fanart

Hi there, So I have finally finished my Overwatch Genji/Hanzo Design. here is a link for the WIP

To see different camera shots of the model please visit my Artstation Page:

Leaving the model with only one material was a good choice because I am not really good at setting materials. This particular white PBR material is in fact copied from one of Andrew Price’s BlenderGuru tutorial, as well as a combination of the vertex painting’s dirty vertex colours.

The model is lit by a basic three-point lighting set-up with 2 emission shader panels in front of the model to make up the reflections


Its quite incredible.
I’d still play with materials though.

Take care

Yeah, the excellent modeling doesn’t show because of the dull material. It definitely needs some material love

I’m not sure it’s the material here guys, I would say it’s the lighting that’ll make the difference with this image. It need to have more contrast (lights and darks) stronger shadows to show off all the detail. It’s a little over saturated dropping the ambient lighting will help with this. It’s great work here though, the modelling is excellent and the use of the depth of field really explains the sculpture enhancing the model and bringing the detail up a whole level. Great work!

You actually might be right, maybe a less cluttered background too. Something to bring out the detail and make the viewer focus on the character.

This is great, but yes, background steals your attention because shading on the figurine is so subtle.