I love all of the art I have seen on these forums. However I have become very discouraged as to all of the different techniques I have heard about. Along with all the different methods of rendering etc.

I was wondering if maybe some of the wonderful artists out there would be able to post what they consider their best piece of art. Maybe they could also give me a little tutorial/advice as to what I should do so that after much practice I would be able to create images like it. I believe this would be a great help for me, so that I could decide what kind of art I like the most and what I would like to try. I dont even know if I want to do animated cartoons, realistic stills, realistic animations or what…

Anyways, thanks to anyone who has any input/images.

Also, congratulations to everyone who has ever made any image. I love all that I’ve seen, even if I believe they could use some work. They are all so inspiring.

http://www.artificial3d.com & http://www.artificial3d.com/mindfields/ (@ndys site) probably the best your gonna find is on that site.

I still suck so I dont really have a best image yet but i think you just need to do lots of small projects using all different styles until you find one you like doing. When I first started 3D I was convinced I would be building spaceships and mechs all the time but I dont think i’ve ever completed one. I spend most of my (scarce) blender time doing faces and characters as thats what I found I enjoy.

Keep plugging away!

Did you try

Thanks for your responses. The links are also helpfull. I am currently just doing the tutorials on the blender website. I recently finished all the begginer tutorials and will be starting the modeling tutorials soon. I guess I’l just continue to do the tutorials and make random images every once in a while. Thanks again for the help. Hope I find out half as much about blender and image creation as most people on these forums seem to know.

well, i’d like to think my art is halfway decent: :stuck_out_tongue:

if you have any specific questions on how they were made, feel free to pm me :wink: