Overwriting movies extensions (AVI, MPGA...)

Hi there!

I´m just starting in Blender and trying to get friendly with the interface and general options…

The issue is: when I go to the output panel and select a “Movie” fomat like AVI, for rendering the animation, the option Overwrite appears in grey, as it where inactive.

Although i can select it, activating and desacticvating, it doesn’t work (it always works as if overwrite where activated).

I haven’t this problem when I select a static image extension for rendering

Is it a bug or there is a way to solve it?

Mi version of Blender is 2.70.


The overwrite option is used for when rendering image sequences with multiple machines rendering the same animation not for rendering video formats

If you re-render your movie you will always over write any existing movie in the same location with the same name.

Thankyou very much!