owl tv spot


Hello all, this is a tv spot I did this year of witch I would like to hear suggestions of what I could have made better. I really wanted it to be good, but that is all I got. Two really big problems were, as always, the animation and the blender render. The animation I just can’t seem to be able to make it better. The blender render that has a lot of problems that makes creating anything in it much more difficult then in many other renderers.

But I really wish to do all my work in open source. So I must learn how to tame the blender render limitations. As for the animation, the limitations are just mine. Blender animation system is great.

The model, concept and textures I am kind of happy about. The rigging was very simple but it was not a problem. Besides, I have been using the metarig lately.

The script and art direction… well, there was no professional behind it, and I have no plans of becoming an art director. This is probably not very good but I was hoping he the “cuteness” of the owl would be the seller.

the animation just looks magnificent!
It looked like a pretty nifty commercial, if i might say. :wink:

I think the lighting could be brighter or more colorful. Maybe add some colored lights or a hemi light. I don’t like the 3D type. I think 2d type on the pull down charts would look better, but the animation is smooth and looks really good overall. :slight_smile:


Your animation is decent, don’t be ashamed of what you achieved.
The minor crits I could have about it is the feet sliding that disturb, your char should have been stuck on place. The movements of the arms are good but your timing could have been different, less smooth. When it shows the boards the hands could have been moved more rapidly and stay still, the character proudly raising its chest, more in a Pixar style, something more dramatic but that’s just a matter of taste.
Nothing to crit about the render, a classic studio render, difficult to do it better without working on the birds feathers and go for something less toonish, more (photo)realistic.

Good job.

Thanks for the responses. I thought I should upload the first version to better explain things. Here it is

What happend is: I teamed up with some guys to create this and show some potential clients, so later we would change according to the client’s needs. This was what they showed them. The client approved almost as it was, but there was no voice, so they created a text and a voice and I had to re-render and adapt to it. There was no time to redo the animation correctly, so I mostly just slowed and speed up things.

The render I tried to make it better and ended up making in it much worse in many parts, like the lack of glow in the eyes.

So, Paint Guy and Serialsiner, maybe the first render was more like you said? More colorful, with more contrast, and the animation pherphaps was not so slow. Though I still think that the suggestions apply.

The slide of the feet I felt was necessary because of the arrangement of the letters in the first version. I think it gives him some more energy, but I do not think I did it like I should have. Though I do not know how I should do.

And here are some still renders from the first version.

Maybe you should simply raise the foot a bit. When watching without concentrating on anything particular, the sliding seems unintended.

I guess I tried raising the foot, but it seemed even more unnatural due to the small distance.
But I am terrible with anything that resembles a walk. Such as this. Much, much worse then anything else.

hey dude … you did it well but … there is a problem of follow through in whole animation …and about render … it looks decent … could b better but its good enough

keep animating