Owlbear sculpt

Hello community

I have been away for awhile and what better way to get into blender than modeling an owlbear. Here is were I am at right now. The five is mostly good

I still want to work on the legs o bit. They still need a LOT of work. Any thoughts?

im just gonna take a wild guess that you sculpted this completely without any modeling work. and you added the multi-res modifier, subdivide it a few times and started sculpting. now this is not very a good way to sculpt from scratch, you should work with each subdivide level separately, once you’re done with one level, only then you move on to the next. because to get the proportion of the whole creature right, besides actually model it, lower verts count is easier to sculpt. so with the first sub level, simply get the basic shape of the head and the limbs. then with each sub level, add more and more details. you should check this tutorial about sculpting from Blender Cookie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXjG8jEa9SI

Thanks for the advice however I did model the owlbear. I made it SUPER basic because I knew I could sculpt it and make it look better than the model itself. I was using a multi-res modifier as well. Thank you for the tuorial though. I will certainly look at that.