Own posts show up as "unread"

I was wondering why, sometimes after I have posted in a thread, my own posts show up as unread. The forum icon will turn the darker blue color, indicating that there are posts that I have not read. Hoever, when I look inside the forum, the only uread threads are the ones that I posted on last… I can’t say it irritates me much, however, it can be annoying trying to keep up with what I have looked at, and what I haven’t… So far, I have just been using the “Mark Forums Read” feature to fix this… :confused:

Here is an example image. I just went to new posts, and here is what I get.

As you can see, I was the last post on this thread, as no one has replied as yet. However, it is still marked as unread… Help!! :smiley:

I’ve run into this problem periodically on a lot of vbulletin-based forums. Typically I delete my cookies and things start behaving again. It’d be nice to know if this is solvable, though.

Ok, thanks Fweeb…