Owner of SPYDERFY addon


I’m still waiting on Blendermarket for the response , so here,
if there are users of this addon and know/check

is it possible to create a swarm in such a way that it first sticks to an object and detaches from a certain frame. for example butterflies on an Objeckt and from frame 50 fly off



I don’t think so because it spawns the instances from a single plane, and I don’t think there’s a function to get around it. What you could do though, is append the source models and armatures into your scene, duplicate them, and set them up as you like for the first shot, then change to a shot of the swarm of instances after.

what i can do so far is to combine several particle systems,
the first one is just passive and then fades into the flock based particle system,
there is this Keyed PhysicType,
but this is not easy, because I have different timings/movements of the instances,
so an addon that can do that would be an advantage, :wink:
and I must unfortunately confess I do not know this blenderParticlesystem so well

the yellow stay till frame x and then blend into the boidbasedparticlesystem blackwireframe

my results don’t fade so nicely though i don’t know if it’s a bug or Blender doesn’t recognize the moving pose in space correctly even though it’s cached

and sorry i guess this is the wrong channel to ask!

You should message the author and suggest that because I know he updates the addon.

Actually, I will just message him a link to this thread.

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