Ozone Force: Revitalized

Dear fellow Blender Game developers. Perhaps you are a bit like me. I really wanted to join the Apricot project but I need to stay here in the USA and finish school. Perhaps some of you remember my project Ozone Force that got 2nd place in the first Bullet contest? If not, look it up. I’m thinking about finishing it, and if you are williing to offer assistance, this is the time to let me know that you’re interested. I think I’m going to have more time to do this sort of thing this semester… Will I actually do it? Not necessarily.

Some cool things we could develop, and to develop, we will be able to contribute these methods back to the community:
Cannons (almost done already). Glossy floors. A real-time reflection map for the ball. A shadow system.

Really, what I want people for is two things:

  1. level design. You can use sketchup or blender. Just so long as it’s fully fleshed.
  2. GLSL expertise. If nobody steps up to this plate, I plan to teach myself a thing or two. So don’t feel obligated. Only approach me if you already know your stuff.

There is a plot to the game already, but it’s open ended. I’ll tell you more if we get to talking. I’d rather not spoil it completely.

Last but not least, I’m not a noob. So don’t treat me like one.

Cool idea, but I think that the engine’s inefficiency and memory leak problems need to be addressed first.

<sarcasm> I really love useless pessimistic replies. </sarcasm>

This is why I’ve asked for a build with the latest fixes from Ben, those fixes could really be useful for many developers right now.

<sarcasm> I love it when people bump dead threads a month later without adding any useful content. </sarcasm>