Ozric Tentacles

Wow… :o I went yesterday to see Ozric Tentacles live, and all I can say is wow… That was the best experience in my whole life, that I can remember… I danced like crazy for the almost 2.5 hours that the concert took, and for most of the time I was deep in trance… the feeling could be described as 2.5 hour, full body orgasm, and even that is an understatement :smiley:
If you ever have the possibility to see Ozrics, go there… no matter what the tickets cost…

My neck hurts :slight_smile:

were you on drugs too?


Yep, I just had smoken a little ganja before the show :slight_smile:

-edited a typo :P, I’m still a bit woozy from last night…-

Nope, I just had smoken a little ganja before the show :)[/quote]

Good music is arbitrary… I just went to their site and it’s all slightly melodic chaos to me… and ugh… the javascript.

Good to hear they are still around. Sounds like a wicked gig Jolly Gnome :smiley:

That brings back memories!

Dude,you scare me :-? LOL

If you pay too much attention to the notes you’ll miss the music.