P-38 Starfighter

(IMProvisar) #1

Ok… this is my first submission, so be kind. :slight_smile:

Actually, it’s my first actual 3D project. I started doing the futuristic ship tutorial here on elYsium and kept going. I’ll just post the link here, as well as 1 pic of the current version, and talk about it in a reply.

My new quick and dirty homepage.

The project page for my starfighter.

The pics of the current version, version 1.

Can’t put a pic on the post… it’s hosted at tripod. :frowning:


(IMProvisar) #2

Like I said, it’s my first project after doing a few beginner tutorials. For a description of all the structures, go to the project page, I talk about the inspiration, what all the parts are, and what I hope to work on. To look at the pics, click the ‘version 1’… I’ve got shots from the front, back, and bottom.


(pofo) #3

Looks like a good start. Maybe you should try smoothing it out a little.
Test subsurfs, that’ll probaly make it look strange unless you play some with the model though.
And keep adding detail. Unless it is for a game of course.
One rule I try to keep when modelling is never to just stick two pieces together. In reality there’s always something holding them, just think of it and model it :slight_smile:

Good luck

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(billythekid) #4

Looking good, I like the idea. I agree with pofo, try use sub-surfs to get a smoother look.
I look forward to seeing the finished model.
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(IMProvisar) #5

Absolutely… lots of little details in my head… just trying to find a good way to work from the general to the specific. Spent an hour or so outside of blender trying to figure out a nice landing-gear design that will fit in the wheel well spaces in the aft… working on how to open the doors too… I’d definitely like to animate them opening up (though my current thoughts have the gear doors sliding up inside the body), with it coming in for a landing. :slight_smile:

And the connections between the fuselage and the wing section… thoughts on that too. There will be a ‘seam’… probably no clamps visible though (until an animation is done of seperation, hehe).

Thanks for the input!

(Ecks) #6

TIP: in space gear are not an obligation you could make something like this:


Just a plate with a metal tube that is attached with the body…but you can add more details with electrick cable or hydrolic pump to make it go up…

ohh and btw…Nice start!

(blengine) #7

its looking good, keep working on it =D

(IMProvisar) #8

Hehe… I thought about that. For a while, I had decided on skids (ala SW X-Wing, etc). Though, I decided actual wheels were better, especially since this vehicle can enter an atmosphere and land on a planet… wouldn’t want to have to fire up the engines every time you want to move it to a different parking spot :).