P-40:Textured Now

Well, a few of you may have seen my p-40 model in the modelling section, and now its what I’m calling almost done.

Heres three renders of it in its textured glory. BTW, this is my first ever texturing job (not counting the procedurals I’ve always used).

It may get used in a small animation this summer, and by then it may have a different and hopefully better texture.

If anyone has any good tips on making the weathering or dirt maps in the GIMP, please let me know…

Anyway, C&C would be greatly appreciated!




Hate to double post ( Ii mean I really hated this), but I really need some crits on this before I start the rest of the planes…

I would hate to make mistakes on them and then have to fix all the planes!

It looks really good. It reminds me of those illustrations on the cover of the boxes that a model airplane for hobbyists.

Looks nice! Only critique is that the lines in the wing could be deeper/more pronounce. Its a little hard to see the ailerons. Other than that, looks great.