This is a P-51D i have been working on any comments on how to make it more photo real would be awsome.http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c75/Spyder1990/p51d-3e2.jpg

One thing would be a better sky texture/image. This one looks too ‘ideal’ to convince the viewer it’s real. Not sure about the airplane, the image you posted is kind of small.

niiice… like it … lol

You could add a cockpit to make it more realistic.

Also the wing shape seems odd. With a flat shape like that you wouldn’t much lift especially since the p51d was quite a large plane. I always thought that aircraft wings had more of an airline shape with a bulge at the front and a flick at the back.

I found this image


AquaticPenguin is correct, a plane flies by lift from the wings, whci is created by low pressure on the top of the wing, as the air is moving faster over the top than the bottom. This speed difference is achieved by making the top air travel a greater distance. ie, the top of the wing is humped, with bottom usually basicaly flat. and yess, to feduce drag, trount of wing is bulged, with bakc skinier. This is the best example pic i could come up with on such short notice.


i hope this makes sence(and is helpfull)

the rest looks great, at least as far as i can tell from the small pic.


The image is too small to make a good comment, but, it seems to be good…