P-Bass *5th Update*

Yo guys.

Havnt been on here in a loooong time…I miss this place : /

Anywho, just kinda been getting back into blender…Thought I would post what I am working on at the moment.

It’s a Fender Squaire P-bass. and you ask “Why model such a crappy bass quitar?” Because its the one I own, and im poor :stuck_out_tongue:

Just getting started so there isnt much to crit on, but it is welcome either way :smiley:


Crits and comments welcome as mentioned above. :wink:

Here’s a quick update before I go to bed.


C&C please!

Looking Good!

Do you have a live reference P-bass? Cause I don’t, but I reckon that the pickups should be sunken down into the pick guard, right? Or at least be thicker, cause they can’t be that thin, can they!?

If they are sunken down, you should make an actual hole in the pick guard, i think.

Haha yeah…I was just hoping that nobody would notice :wink:

If you know what I mean.

So what would be the best way to do that? Should I just re-face the pickguard and put the rectangles into it?

I know there is a better way to do it…I just cant remember how/what its called.

Hey, nice model so far looking good.

One thing i noticed is on the pickups, the black on the pickups is maybe a bit too black. This makes it look kinda flat and hard to see the metal round bits sticking out a tiny bit - this may be just because of the lighting or my bad eyesight though :smiley:

Not sure if you have done the materials for the metal pickup part yet, (if not - ignore this), but they need to be really shiny

I’m not really worried about textures at the moment, although I did darken the black material, so it could be seen better. I’ll add env maps/refl later. Whatever looks better

Heres a quick update on the pickups, I re-modeled the pickuard.


C&C plz

Alrighty…heres an update. A got the little nob things done. I found a really good bump map texture so I went ahead and added it in, cause I wanted to test it out.

I added one light, so the bump mapping and refl would show up. I tweeked the material and texture for quit a while, so tell me if theres anything I could change.


C&C plz

looking good, I have a p bass, they’re nice, not that I can paly it well though… :confused:

Haha…yeah, i’ve had mine for about half a year…They are HEAVY…I play it for an hour or to, and I walk away with one of my shoulders higher than the other. ouch


I’ve been working on some of the little parts…Got all the screws done, although you cant see them very well in the render. I did the output(input) jack…and I started on that thing…what its called, but the thing that tholds the strings at the bottom. Oh, and I did some texturing, so go ahead and crit on that also if you see anything wrong(some of the new parts arent textured yet)


C&C plz!

:EDIT: Here’s a high res version http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v101/joguy923/blender%20latest/6large.jpg (heh, my plane wasnt big enough in the top left corner…my bad.)

looks pretty nice to me. im not sure, i dont have a reference, but the knobs and the bridge look too large to me. perhaps you could post a pic of yours?

Heres the reference i’m using: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v101/joguy923/blender%20latest/bass.jpg

Theyare the same size as the ones in the ref pic. heres a pic of mine anyways : http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v101/joguy923/blender%20latest/000_0482.jpg

Heh…I just realized that the shape is wrong…It is thinner in certan places, or it like curves in…I’ll deal with that later :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways, i started working on the fretboard. made a few changes here and there…added the strap peg things. still messing with the texture of the blue part…i cant seem to get it right.


render times are getting long…i think that one was around 30 min. so its almost not worth testing color anymore :confused:

C&C plz!

for the texture of the blue part have a barley noticably wood grain. also, the knobs are to tall and to thin. Really great job, but can you poast a wire? i always have problens when i model a bass.

thx for the crits:

A wood grain? I dont see how that would help…it looks mainly plastic to me(on the real bass) explain plz.

ill mess with the nobs some, but not too much, because I think they are pretty accurate at the moment.

heh…how do i make a wire…ive never posted one before :-?

Small update…messed with the texure some…finished the fret board…modelled the main part of the head of the bass…now for all those weird and complicated things to model on it :smiley:



C&C plz!

right you are, my bad. the blue looks a bit purple-y now, i think it was better before.

30 mins is FAR too long to render that, what are your settings?

edit oh and on your reference, the screw heads stick up, they arent flush with the white board part /edit

haha it does look purple-ish…i got to carried away and didnt notice i guess.

settings? like computer specs or blender settings?

im using AO and theres 25245 verts…using subsurfacing(so?) on a few things. uh…a few things are reflecting…idk wut else.

my main computer specs 512 RAM, Intel® Celeron, 2.00 GHz win Xp

anything im forgetting?

oh, the screw heads to stick out…its just hard to see from those farther-away renders. :


that render took a minute and 38 seconds;

how many AO samples? perhaps a screen shot?

i cant get photobucket to upload the screenshot right…it makes it real small…

there are 6 samples tho.

edit: oh, and i noticed a really large render time cut when i got rid of the plane (4 verts, one face) that the bass lays on… but it looks better with it there :edit

ok well before i go to bed heres two render comparisons.

this one was with the plane(4 verts 1 face) it took 17 minutes and 53 seconds http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v101/joguy923/blender%20latest/render%20comparisons/1blckbackground1753.jpg

this one was w/o the plane. it took 3 minutes and 25 seconds http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v101/joguy923/blender%20latest/render%20comparisons/1whtbackground325.jpg

the ONLY thing that was changed in the two renders was the plane.

which one looks better?