Hi, I hope you don’t mind if I share an animation that I haven’t made in Blender.
I am organizing in order to make some shots in Blender as soon as possible, in the meantime this is a pantomime shot that I just finished.

Nice animation, but no sound :(, what software did you use?

Thanks, yes, it is a pantomime shot, I haven’t used any audio. I will in my next shot :slight_smile:
I made it in Maya as I have the educational version, but I really want to make some cycles in Blender

superb animation! must be an animschool student… right?

realy nice animation, you really catch the intention in every motion, it looks fluid and expresive, you can realy empathize with the character

Thanks My3D, yes, AnimSchool student :slight_smile:

What software did he use?