P pass in blender?

Hi guys i need a P pass for normal map relighting in nuke. I dont see it in blender, or is it called by a different name?


I don’t think a position / point pass is possible from blender internal. BI has nor and vector you can adjust lighting with the nor but whether it’s what you want I don’t know. Aqsis or Pixie might be an option being Renderman spec and accessible from blender using Mosaic. It’s well beyond me. Good luck.



thank you yellow.

For my own edification, what does a position pass show? The original 3D coordinates of the surface on each pixel? That wouldn’t be hard to include in the renderer if it’s useful to a compositing workflow. Actually, it would make things like ScreenSpace Global Illumination a lot easier!

using the p pass and a normals pass you can position lights in 3d space when compositing.

i get it with renderman for maya usually.

it looks like this:

It’s a relighting technique using 3D point data from x,y,z vectors in global space to relight 2D, sort of 2.5D. i think. hehe

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Simultaneous posting. :slight_smile:

Okay. I see what’s going on. It IS what I did in the SSGI node – recompute the original 3D coords of each pixel in the render, then apply a GI solution based on normals. But you’re right a position pass would make this sort of thing super easy in the compositor. Would be very helpful IMHO. I’ll see how hard it is to pass the coords on to a render pass. If it doesn’t take too much coding time, I’ll see what I can do.

Could you use a node setup to render the angle from the camera against a single texture with file output?