P. Tinto, Spanish Film tribute

Hi there! this is a tribute to an Spanish movie from 1998 called “El Milagro de P. Tinto” (“P. Tinto`s Miracle”…I have translated it but I don’t know if it was released outside of Spain), starring Luis Ciges, a great Spanish actor.

In any case, I have a great love for this film…
the voice of Luis says “…That’s why I’m here standing high, very high, near where wishes are kept…”

Render in Eevee, some textures with Krita, hope you like!

dont know how make it work the youtube link :rofl: any help? @bartv

Wires & Viewports:

Some Refs from the film to understand the context:

Luis Ciges at the moment he says the speech:

The “U.F.O.”

The water tower and the mountain of stacked objects:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

thanks bartv!!!

You’re on the featured row! :+1:

This deserves more upvotes.

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Such a fantastic amount of details you have created. I love it.
And the textures are so good that I can’t believe this was renderer with EEVEE, I thought it was Cycles!

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Many Thanks to you all!!
Glad you liked it,
yes I love EEVEE and the textures (some of them) is only a mix of procedural ones with layers painted by hand, there are not any complex setup.


please share the materials

hi @huhi ,
theres’n not much to share XD,
but I show you and example, mostly the material present in the scene is the rusted iron,
the base is a seamless material, and I add mixed shaders (principal BSDF) with color and rough variation mostly (nothing complex)

this is a typical setup of mine, I always mix some Ambient Occlusion for example, I always create some nice UVs to be able to paint details (for example the leakes in the iron)…

There is a great material library from the movie “Charge” avaible to download here in the Blender Studio, have a look!

the seamless rust iron base is from that library


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thanks i think if you use pbr material it will reduce the making time this one is very good https://ambientcg.com/list?type=Material,Atlas,Decal

but I think is the same thing, a seamless base…in many cases a boring clean base XD,
then you start to mix different variation, even with the same base adding slight color changes for example… add manual masks…painting unique details…etc…

it’s worth “wasting” a little time creating a nice UVs layout to paint additional details in it…

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