"P" to separate objects...does it work?


I need some help. Two things:

#1 If I have multiple separate objects on the screen they sometimes seem to join all by themselves. If I am in edit mode I can get to them individually but if I then go into object mode all the objects are selected and I cannot select an individual object. Why is this happening?

#2 Does “P” to separate work in blender are there special rules to using the P command because when I try to use it my screen just seems to change but does not separate the objects. I am using 2.57 currently. Is there a bug? Thanks for anyones help.


Make sure that you are in edit mode when you press “P”, otherwise it just activates the game engine. As for the multiple objects, make sure that each time you add a new object you are in object mode, not edit mode, or they will all be part of the same mesh. If this happens you can separate all of the objects by going into edit mode, pressing “A” to select everything, pressing “P”, choosing “by loose parts”.

What you are saying about adding a new object in edit mode is making a lot of sense to me. I am pretty sure I did add the new object in edit mode. This has helped a ton. Thanks a lot Blender Fan.