PA dude (final 30.10 pg3)

Something i made today, needs textures atleast.


very funny and very good job ! :smiley:

It rock !



you are one of my favourite artists in the blender community, your style, your execution and your humor are all first rate.

the only real thing to crit so far are the meshes that seem to have the default grey texture on them, such as the mask, the bucket, the floor and so on…that’s pretty much it.

Keep up the good work.

He said he didn’t finish texturing it. Great job. It’s halarious but very well done. Great modelling. I really like it.

Very funny image, I like your idea

I know :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the reason I said it was my only real thing to crit.

HAHA! that’s funny! I love it!

You’ve got serious talent as a character modeller! To be able to tell a whole story with just one picture takes wonderful imagination!

The one part of this story that I don’t get or understand is… what is the thing he has his foot resting on? It looks like a tree branch with a cork in the end of it… or a huge clogged artery… I guess future textured versions will clear that up… also, he needs a toilet seat around his neck, or something (ha ha)…

Great work so far! Funny stuff!

Hahaha this is great! Gotta love your style man.

Damn, what’s that? :smiley:

Nice work so far, Poju - I like this style. Do you plan to use him in an animation?

In my opinion, you could show his eyes a bit more (to increase the facial expression).

Looking forward to see updates…

Great work Poju. Excellent character design.


Thanks everyone for nice comments.

First i must say that design is not mine, my friend gave it to me and reguested model of it.

thoro: I agree about eyes, once i have model ready i try to make something better.

Here’s update:

It’s such a nide day to walk a log

Wow that pet log reminds me of Ren & Stimpy(Ahh the memories… :slight_smile: )

dude… genius. I love this. Your style is really great and your texture work is phenomenal. My only crit is that the rope shoudlnt bulge out like that I think… it would hang straight down from his hand, with maybe a gentle curve toward the end…

great work

Great job! Always an admirer of your work (read: I’m a jealous bastard).

The only issue I have is with that single hanging piece of toilet paper. It may simply be a lighting or materials issue, but it seems a lot thicker than it should be. Maybe a hint of tranlucency could help?

oh man that is really awsome.

i am a big fan of anything crazy, so keep it up. i am following this one closely.


That’s a really good concept. I think he looks a little too “awake” though with his gaping wide open eyes. I like it.

Here is llittle more:

If the eyes aren’t finished you can stop reading right now, but if you ask me the texturing there seems lacking compared to everywhere else. I have NO idea what this scene is about but all I can think is that he’s horrified at the smell…

Care to share how you created the grass and the boot laces?

And here i am again :stuck_out_tongue:

Eyes bother me too´, not really sore what to do with em.

Boot laces are just simple extruding cube, just use all viewports, not as hard as u think.

Grass is dupliverts, i cutted few parts of ground thingy, little fractal subdividing and there u go

And update:

Stuff aroud boots get little dark for me, any tips how make thing brighter down there? Now i have 1 area 1spec only spot and AO