Pablo Dobarro reveals his master plan for sculpting

(TheRedWaxPolice) #42

Dynamesh… Yay…

Too bad, no builds available… :wink:

(kkar) #43

No offence but that is because the brush defaults are really bad in Blender. Especially the move and the snakehook brushes suffer from the wrong brush profile. You can can fix it.

Blender’s brushes are really sensitive to the curvate of the profile. I think this can be improved in the trunk, I did not file a bug report abou it because I hate it when my bug report is tagged as feature request :slight_smile:


If I had lots of money, I would give unto blender for things like this.

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Yeah, that’s one of the most interesting blender projects in years.

BF should hire this dev full time, otherwise Pixologic will claim him. (remember what happened with sculptris) Hahahah

(ouraf) #46

blender development fund! every small bit helps!

(Thinking Polygons) #47

Agreed. That’s because this dev uses zbrush, so he knows what to do.
When you learn from the best, there’s no way it can go wrong, you go straight to the point, with no tricks or trying to reinvent the wheel for no reason.

Now, if only the UI team had experience with C4D, 2.8 wouldn’t be this endless mess.

Learn from the best and you shall succeed :)

Sculpting = ZBrush
Modeling = Modo/Max
Texturing = Painter/Designer/Mari
Animation = Maya
UI = C4D
Physics = Houdini
Etc, etc… :wink:

(drgci) #48

do not compare blender with dedicated programs like zbrush and mari,
you can compare only with maya,3ds max all in one programs
and with that in mind blenders UI is superb
c4d is a dead horse allready, only for motion graphics

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(zeauro) #50

I just compiled branch and tested 5 minutes wit a mouse.
I will give a proper try later.

But I already can say that :

  • Viewport panning feeling is great.
  • 2D cursor dot for symmetry is cool. But it does not work with radial symmetry or tiling, yet. For those features, that would be super useful.
  • Voxel remesher. That is great to have that. But currently, we can’t adjust it. Undo is not supported. So, a tweaking of value in Redo panel is accumulating displayed values effect. Sliding to change value back and forth is destroying the sculpt.
  • Normal radius seems to be main new feature that deserves attention. It deserves a shortcut like radius. At least, it should be added into right click menu.

(jadbox) #51

+1 for a build bot for this… this is really Blender Sculpt 2.0 with all that it brings.

(Thinking Polygons) #52

Oh yeah. +1000

Who’s in charge of this page here?
Maybe pablo’s builds could go there? :thinking:

(Metin Seven) #53

I’m wondering: has it already been decided if this sculpting branch will be merged into the Master builds, or is that not certain yet?

(Thinking Polygons) #54

Probably ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.
Even a small feature like the new cursor was pretty much discarded for the 2.80 initial release, now imagine all those improvements. Maybe in 2.83.

But who cares? As long as we can get builds from this branch, it’s ok I guess.
It’s funny, there’s still no Windows builds floating around.

(English is not my native language) #55

Pablo has added support now:

(CG_Tiger) #56

This is exciting development. Should make this thread sticky.


Crash when “2d falloff” option of brush is activated and cursor hovers over object.

(Indriði) #59

Can we get behind this project somehow to make it happen faster, a sculpt quest or a donation/crowd funding? I seriously want this to happen so I don´t have to buy ZBrush!
+more publicity would definitely help

(stargeizer) #60

This is a one man show for now, and everything is experimental. I don’t think think the author wants money for this just yet (a tweet of him explains he doesn’t want money for features that might not end in the official Blender, or features that in the paper looks good, but in the practice are not viable).

It seems that a future code quest can be done for this, but 2.80/2.81 needs to happen first.

(drgci) #61

so not for 2019 and neither for 2020 because 2020 its a animation year,good 2021

(stargeizer) #62

What are you talking about? It can be anytime after 2.80 or 2.81 depending of what he can do and what developers can review in that time frame. Also, there’s this year GSOC that will take time from developers too, so is better be realistic and just not pessimistic.

If anything, if 2.80 releases in may/jun (hypothetically) some of the work of Pablo can go in between that date and 2.81, and the rest of work can be between 2.81 and 2.82, whatever the release date it is.

Pablo suggested a Code Quest for sculpting, but there’s no decision yet. Probably is still too soon for it.