Pablo Dobarro's master plan for sculpting and painting, development news

Pablo’s Patreon page.

The following is the long list of useful features he plans to add to Blender’s sculpting module.

Among the features, a better remesher, node brushes, the ability to vertex paint and sculpt at the same type, a “posing” transform tool, and even an entirely new data structure for things like optimization.

Pablo is currently developing in a dedicated branch provided to him by the BF. This is a good opportunity to have a supercharged feature-set for sculpting and painting and the community should have him fully :sunglasses:


Vector Displacement just needs UI and baking? What? :drooling_face:


This is awesome… :slight_smile:


This sounds great.


I think that they are just meaning that code to displace from vector maps is already here.
What is missing is a way to create those vector maps in Blender.

Nothing new in that area. But as the almost last thing planned, Cycles may have vector displacement baking before they reach that step in their new sculpt mode branch.

All these points are great. That ambitious plan will probably take years to be accomplished.
But that is a great news, after a period when sculpt mode was orphan, to see a developer ready to invest work time for several next years.


Wonderful wonderful…
Finally a really interesting project.

Let’s give zbrush some heat. :wink:


I hope that he will be given this opportunity.Even will create a theme in devtalk.

Fantastic! My Blender sculpting dreams might come true! :+1::ok_hand::heart:


this is really nice to hear, i was hoping he gets the attention from BF one day ,just like Clément with his PBR branch, and becomes one of blender’s core team…Sculpting quest now closer to reality :slight_smile:


If the BF can find a way to get Psi-Fy back on Blender for a few months, then we would have all of the needed devs. for a sculpt quest (since it’s not realistic to have Brecht, Campbell, Sergey, Bastien, and Clement come to the institute to work on that only).

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I miss / hope for the use of #vdm textures in the node brush (slide 6). Give these guys a branch please.

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excellent proposal. Time to keep an eye out on this thread…

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I’m not a sculpter…but it seems a great development plan with great goals!!!

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If the next rocket collectibl… i mean, code quest is related to this, i’m in

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While I have absolutely no objection against it. Could anyone please explain why it is important for this to have an official branch? Can’t it just be forked and worked on?

The three things holding me back to do the sculpting in blender:
1, performance, this is the most important
2, some brush works better in zbrush… most notably the move brush… so much better than the grab… I don1t know what causes the big difference
3, i slightly prefer the main controls in Zbrush… the ability to rotate the mesh without pressing any button.

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For those too lazy to click the link, Ton has endorsed the project and is willing to get them set up :sunny:


Does it include buildbot daily builds?

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The buildbot only does builds of master, not branches. You will need to ask Pablo or someone else to build it for your OS.