Pablo Dobarro's master plan for sculpting and painting, development news

So many good news!

Hi @scorpion81,

Today I’ve reinstalled the latest Sculpt Mode Features build, so I could make a comparison between the Remesh modifier and the OpenVDB Remesh add-on for you:

I’ve tried to match the settings. They both use the Gaussian algorithm with 4 iterations, and have a comparable target resolution.

If you want me to test anything, just let me know (over here or in a private message).


Excellent move from the BF, that type of thing should help the big development fund boost become permanent (as it is already paying off).

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Where/how did you get that better modifier stack layout? :open_mouth:

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It’s @Symstract’s free Modifier List add-on. Couldn’t live without it anymore.


About damn time! :grin:

Anyone knows if he will work in Blender’s HQ in Amsterdam?

He said that not just now, because for the underline infrastructure is not important to work close to others, like when working with tools or ui

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well if he is going to rework the system from the ground up like what Jacques lucke is doing for everything nodes then he needs time to discuss the design with other developers as he mentioned it in the stream, he also have questions about tools system…etc.
so it makes sense if he stays for few weeks or even months in Armsterdam… the good thing is he can choose and blender foundation allows it.

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Great news about the grant! Can’t wait to see all those improvements in master :grin:
I just hope Dyntopo doesn’t disappear, or if it does then at least not until there’s something that can fully replace it’s functionality…

He is two hours away by plain that cost around 90 € so, he can go for the meetings if necessary. A lot cheaper that living in Amsterdam. But time will tell :slight_smile:


Thanks very much! I had no idea such thing existed :slight_smile:

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:+1: Beware though: at the moment I write this, the Sculpt Mode Features Remesh modifier’s Voxel mode operand rollouts are not visible when Modifier List is activated.

I can live with that. I haven’t used that one yet, but I will keep it in the back of my head. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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it’s 4 hours from Spain to Netherlands ,and Jacques is even closer about an hour i think & yet he is working full time from Armsterdam.

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Downloaded the latest sculpt branch. Is the paint brush for vertex paint in sculpt mode still working? It was working in the earlier branch I had before this.

Have you followed all those steps?

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Thanks. I did check the thread but missed it. It seems a change was made to the way it worked earlier in the thread from that recent vid u linked to. Thanks a lot mate :- )

Good news, Pablo said that they are talking with the developer of the quadryflow and it seams he want to collaborate! This can be really good!!!

Pablo’s text in Spanish:
“de todas formas estamos hablando con el desarrolador de quadriflow y en principio quiere colaborar, asi que seguramente acabe mejorando”


Sounds promising. Also, QuadRemesher will soon be available for Blender:

And there’s @Jeacom’s interesting new project for Blender: