Pablo Dobarro's master plan for sculpting and painting, development news

Started using 2.82 alpha today. Eagerly looking forward to new Pablo candy. :candy::lollipop::chocolate_bar:

Is there anything new in it already?

Not that I know of. I guess it’s the same as the 2.81 beta at the moment, but new functions will soon be added to the 2.82 alpha master builds. You can keep track of that here.


Has there been any mention of a new polish brush? I find the clay tubes and draw sharp are absolutely amazing now, but I’m still missing a good brush for hard surface stuff. There are some old tutorials that mention using scrape with locked view plane but it seems like those options have changed. And I’d generally be interested in something new, Pablo can possibly work some magic to make something really really great for hard surface.


I guess we should expect vertex colouring in Sculpt Mode fairly soon considering the start of 2.82 development. In the meantime while waiting for some news, here is me chugging along on my Stitch sculpt, but this time in colour! Did a very quick paintover just to preview how the final result would look like, but I will have to redo the entire thing since the UVs are not done yet.

First time painting inside of Blender also. Not as solid as Substance Painter of course, but it’s not too bad. With some time and care developing it I can see it being a pretty neat alternative when doing stylised texturing.

P.S. MultiRes proved to be such a massive pain during the final stages of my sculpt. The bug that causes artefacts on the higher subdivs proved to be a lot of generally wasted time trying to fix stuff. Also the Apply Base button triggering the bug didn’t help. ^^


someone should “substantiate” blender … ^ ___ ^


Thanks for the video! That will help me a lot while learning the painting system inside of Blender. Currently considering mixing Substance Painter and Blender Texture Painting together by starting the base paint in Blender so I have a general idea what I want before porting over to Painter (also helps testing the UVs without wasting time porting everything over and over).

If we manage to get proper layers in 2.82, that would be so darn sweet by automating all of these nodes and making it more of a tradtional painter program. :smiley:

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i hope i also inspire some good soup developer to create a wrapper between system nodes and a “2d” layer-system :laughing:

P.S. now I expect a good tutorial on this on FlippedNormals channel :wink:

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I recall there being talks about developing layers for texture painting in the thread Development Meeting Notes a while ago, so it seems like it is only a matter of time. ^^

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Wasn’t vertex painting already received good speed improvements? Did you paint in vertex too? What is your experience with it using latest builds?

No, I did not paint with vertices on my Stitch sculpt. I’ve tried Vertex Paint Mode and it is pretty bad performance wise. None of Pablo’s improvements to vertex painting from the sculpting branch have been merged to master yet, but it is planned for 2.82.

Vertex Paint Mode and Sculpt Mode need to be merged together the way I see it, since I don’t think vertex painting warrants its own mode when Pablo has already made a faster and more efficient vertex painting workflow. It just becomes kind of redundant, especially when vertex painting in Sculpt Mode should be able to unlock more ZBrush features like remeshing based on vertex painting and more.


Now, this thread is so vast that it is difficult to find an answer by searching one by one all the dialogues, so someone has to ask : is there something as Zbrush’s ‘polish’ brush in the new brushes? I mean a brush that will smooth the surfaces but without resulting in a change of the shape of the meshes?

Try this settings on the flatten brush. I tried to match what the polish brush does in zbrush.


Thanks Xorrito, will try it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unless Blender implements an ‘additive’ mode then there will never be a Trim Dynamic or Hpolish equivalent. Alternating between sub/add with the Alt modifier in Zbrush for these brushes is where the real power lies. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this with Scrape/Flatten in Blender.

Also, the Hpolish brush is more for finishing. The Planar and Trim brushes are more suitable to compare to Flatten in Blender.


Yes, I currently also miss the ridges you can create using ZBrush TrimDynamic, hPolish and the likes. But this thread is the magical rub-the-Pablo-genie-lamp thread, so this might suddenly be implemented next week. :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way, next to Scrape/Peaks you might also try the Flatten/Contrast brush and the Fill/Deepen brush. All three are comparable, but flatten to different depth levels (with Control doing the opposite).


I found Scrape to be about the best of the bunch. It has a decent behaviour to it. Fill seems pointless to me as the Clay brushes(all Zbrush brushes like clay/tubes/buildup and all the trim and polish brushes use the Clay engine) fill as part of their primary function. Having a Fill brush just to do this makes no sense from a sculpting workflow point of view.

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Yep, Scrape is the best, especially since Pablo recently activated the Accumulate option by default.

Fill can be useful for a final subtle finish when you’ve filled a gap with a clay brush. But the inverse functions are also interesting, such as the ‘Contrast’ of the Flatten/Contrast brush. It emphasizes the surface characteristics beneath the brush cursor.

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